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5EyesFarm Tours

Come and take a tour at 5EyesFarm and experience this unusual and fascinating place. Tours take 2 hours and include a guided overview tour of the whole farm and fresh organic refreshments from the farm. Great taster for families and small groups.


Visit & tour

Organic menu of farm fresh produce, excellent workshop or tour options or simply come and relax and retreat. There are wonderful walks and cross-cultural adventures to be had beyond the gates of 5Eyes and a comfortable protected piece of nature within our fences. We look forward to hosting you. Enquire now...

Family or small group visits

5EyesFarm has a special tour for families of 5 or small groups of up to 10. Please enquire about our low rates, our great food and the wonderful 'retreat-style' learning experience of visiting the farm. Kids simply love this!

Discount student package

Student groups studying a specific topic or wanting to discover new approaches are welcome to arrange a tour including refreshments and a Q&A with the founders. This is great value and an eye-opening experience.

University research project

For high school and university students doing research projects, we offer a discounted tour package that includes a focus on topics and Q&A session. Your time with us includes refreshements and Q&A session plus a tour of the farm.

Thank you for your interest in 5EyesFarm. We offer packages that are full of value, discovery, learning and fun.