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Imagine a small farm on the foot hills of a volcano at the edge of a traditional Indonesian village in an agricultural area combining rice fields and patches of jungle.

Imagine 5EyesFarm as a learning centre based around innovative and creative approaches to farming, practical living, health and food education and basic living skills.

5EyesFarm in this way is aiming to be a mixed farm, that grows and sells organic produce and is made up of integrated systems like aquaponics, an animal farm and an organic farm.

5EyesFarm is a magical place, fairly small and contained with so much going on everywhere you look that it can’t all be taken in in one visit. It is a great way to connect with nature and learn practical skills like composting, worm farming creating organic layer beds and building small to medium systems that help to grow healthy foods.

We have 150+ fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices and medicinal plants growing in different systems. Some are experimental and a work in progress, others are moving along well. We also make all sorts of useful things mainly from recycled materials – restoring, reusing and aiming to be creatively sustainable. These are easily transferable ideas and great project starters for community groups, schools or other organisations.

You can connect by arranging a visit, a field trip for your school or group, a leadership retreat or a workshop. If you want to know more please contact us, we would love to talk to your group and share our story in more detail. If you are looking for a unique experience we can help you have an amazing, nature-filled adventure both at the farm and in the region.

We believe

We believe in a better world. A world not obsessed with wealth or personal power. A world where we help each other to get ahead and where we learn to be thrifty, adapting to new contexts and developing resilience. We believe in a world that takes practical steps to reverse the impacts of climate change every day, that instead of blaming or judging seeks positive ways to bring health, wellbeing, food security and learning to others, especially the less fortunate.

We believe there is more to life than looking out for ourselves or simply following a consumerist culture and where innovation and creativity can come to the foreground in finding sustainable ways to shop, eat, build, make, farm, support and enable.

Who we are

Danti Tarigan is an accomplished business developer having established and administered Bambu Indah in Bali, Victorian Heritage in Melbourne and now 5EyesFarm in Java. Danti is the action and adventure, the hands and feet of 5EyesFarm – and has made the impossible possible. She is the original jungle girl from the Karo Highlands of North Sumatra who has almost completed her MBA at Melbourne Uni. Danti is a delightful host and believes passionately in gender equality and giving others opportunities and not wasting anything and looking for ways to make new from old. Danti is married to Jonathan and this pair share their lives in a unique collaboration of community, vision, shared values and purpose.

Jonathan Wright has been a tertiary and secondary educator and a community leader in a broad range of settings across Australia and Indonesia. He also has experience as a musician, a farmer and a professional builder. Mostly he is a visionary, a people person inspired to see others grow positively and optimistically and discover their paths in this crazy world.
Jonathan was a founding teacher and secondary school head at Green School Bali. He has taught in a range of diverse schools, colleges and universities.

These days Danti and Jonathan focus on offering unique learning experiences at 5EyesFarm and sometimes further afield as consultants.

The team at 5 EyesFarm is made up of local Sundanese villagers and family members from North Sumatera, builders from East Java and a few stragglers from Australia, Bali and occasionally other places.


5EyesFarm is a group of projects

5EyesFarm is a wonderful backdrop for learning in nature. We are a purposefully small, integrated farm growing organic food and animals. We integrate sustainable practice into all that we do and we are exploring special waste management and recycling projects.



Unique organic learning centre

Hands-on learning puts a huge smile on faces and a big spark in wide eyes as children and adults alike experience the adventure and wonder of creating in nature. Planting, making gardens, harvesting, learning compost making, worm farming, aquaponics, the animal farm and the organic farm all have so many projects and experiments to discover.

Organic life




5EyesFarm is genuinely organic in every aspect.

As well as making all-natural pest control and fertilisers, we make the food for the animals on-site, fresh every day and ensure all our processes and production exceed any contemporary standards.  Organic farming involves more intensive work than contemporary practice and it means the soil is clean, the food is healthy and we know that what we are consuming is good for us.

Making something new

At 5EyesFarm we are creating new ways of farming (with food security in mind); developing Green-Ed – Hands, Head, Heart learning in nature – to create models for environmental sustainability and future resilience; and community partnerships to strengthen the social context we are in.

These areas necessarily go together, compliment each other and are situation based.

What this will look like? Teaching locals in the region about innovative farming, food and health through practical hands-on approaches. Partnering with the village and regional leaderships to create job and business opportunities, tourism and shared environmental management projects.

Expanding our capacity through recruiting volunteers to help with teaching, health and environment in the regional partnerships we are creating.

How? By funding some of the projects the village is seeking to undertake. By establishing various additional projects within the region in partnership with other groups, by offering field trips, workshops and tours to ‘western’ schools and organisations to help establish support networks and by modelling what we do in and through consultancies.

We are seeking funding to empower this vision.

Add to this that we aim to model what we teach through recycling and environmental sustainability projects on the farm, through genuine organic farming and through unique approaches to teaching and learning and real relationships and community cross over and engagement. We are also pursuing consultancy and presentation opportunities throughout Indonesia.


Back Story

5EyesFarm is a unique education and community development project based around an integrated organic farm in a traditional village context in West Java.

There is more to 5EyesFarm than farming! We love empowering people, working together to create something unique that can be used in practice as a showcase, an education forum, a training ground for all of us in developing organic, self-sustaining wonderful foods.


  • Our Mission: To offer practical education using the organic farm, including aquaponics and other integrated systems, to inspire learners of all ages to experience new ways of learning in nature.
  • Our Vision: To develop 5EyesFarm as a showcase for training & education, enterprise, empowerment and development through partnerships and the use of innovative practices.
  • Our Values: Shared learning – Empowerment through inclusion – Integrated systems – Pioneering spirit.

We started 5EyesFarm in November 2016 on the foot-hills of Gunung Salak (a dormant volcano) in West Java. We have nearly 2 acres of fertile soil with a river running across the top and some established tropical fruits like banana and coconut. What we have been establishing since we started is an integrated organic farm with half a dozen areas that we use for a learning in nature centre.
We are big on recycling, environment and sustainability. We have recycled over 14000 old car tyres in the infrastructure build of the farm, and we have maintained a zero waste goal by recycling and remaking, rethinking and restoring instead of simply buying what is available.

We run workshops and field trips and tours on waste management innovations and practices, compost making, worm farm making, organic garden construction, aquaponics, sustainable building and many other related topics.

Our primary purpose is to create an integrated farm to showcase as an opportunity for schools, universities and organisations to learn by doing in nature. The more we grow the more we can also work with the local village and region offering free education to the underprivileged and to those with fewer opportunities. This includes teaching English and establishing an informal school to compliment the local school system and working closely with the leadership to establish a range of environmental projects that lead to employment opportunities locally. We have been teaching the local children on and off since we started, and we have been establishing plans for exciting projects in the village.

Productive healthy foods, natural farming techniques, aquaponics, permaculture practices as well as the local community. We would love to help create small systems in local communities everywhere to help with food security and teach people how to grow super healthy food 100% organic and very fast. We are developing Aquaponics as one integrated system because it is a future technology for overcoming water use issues (using less than 10% of water used in traditional growing); off-setting ocean fishing by providing organically grown produce and freshwater fish for eating; build sustainably using recycling and local materials.