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The (ugly) romantic trumpet player

The mysterious mole cricket is the platypus of the insect world and a romantic singer. The mole cricket looks like a project that was interrupted, and when the creators came back to finish the job, they simply added a whole new section to what they had started.

Like the fantastic platypus, the mole cricket looks like a mole at the front end and cricket at the rear end. Technically it is a cricket, but it acts a bit like a mole living most of its life underground and burrowed. It is a cleaver tunnel maker. The male creates a double trumpet tunnel with an escape route behind it, sitting in the middle of the trumpet tunnel to amplify its song when it is calling a mate.

The Mole cricket looks quite scary but is harmless. They are not commonly sighted, usually hiding from predators (like the blue ant wasp) underground. The female is the durable flyer, and she responds to the mating song, and the mating dance happens on the surface before they retreat to their reclusive burrows.

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