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Stingless bees are wonderful honey makers are especially important for pollinating and having different species means more flower types are looked after.

There are over 500 sub-species of the stingless bee family spread all over the world. We have two kinds here at 5EyesFarm, both productive in their own way. Great thing is they don’t sting so there is no need for all that clothing.

The Tetragonula builds a long ‘trunk’ as a protective entrance way that nothing shall pass. The soldier bees guard this small entrance and only let in their own. They nest in logs and store their honey in crevices. They are awesome creatures.

The Trigona are smaller, significantly. You can only really see them if you look hard, in the right light or if you can open their nest which is, in our case a simple box.


We keep Asian Honey Bees at 5EyesFarm as well.

Also see our Urban Bee Keeping video



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