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They don't sting

Whip Scorpions are not actually scorpions. Nor are they spiders. But they ae related to both. Theirs is a unique classification:

Kingdom – Animalia
Phylum – Arthropoda
Class – Arachnida
Order – Uropygi

They look as creepy as the deadliest of spiders or the slickest of scorpions but are harmless except they spray a vinegar like substance into the air to help fend off trouble. They trace their ancestory back to the giant 3 meter long water scorpions of prehistory but the biggest of these grows to 8 cm.

The babies, when hatched attch to the mothers back and get carried around like royalty for a while in minature adult form. They have to shed their casing in order to grow and do so four times before reaching aduthood.

I’m off to find some discarded casings around the place.

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