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Eco farm tour

Improving everything a little

Experience Sustainable Living 

5EyesFarm offers a very special eco-tour focussed on sustainability practice where you can learn all kinds of approaches to lowering your carbon footprint at home and at work. 

We invite you to come and immerse yourself in a small farm in the countryside of Bogor, located on the foot-hills of Mount Salak. You can see how Jon and Danti manage the farm, growing organic vegetables, fruits and spices in an integrated farm system. An integrated farm means all farm activities are interconnected and rely on each other. For example, the feed for the animals comes from what they grow and at the same time, they compost the soil that they grow food in with the animal waste. The farm consists of aquaponics, an animal farm and an organic farm. Experience the dynamic systems and cycles of a unique farming approach.

Aside from the farm, you will observe different recycling projects from building to carbon saving green waste projects. See how recycled materials are used including used tires, volcanic rocks, eco-bricks and repurposed timber to build and create the farm.

 Experience a conscious eating journey, where you will feast on what has been grown and raised on the farm. They’re delighted to serve you a low carbon emission food that is grown organically, healthily and happily.

5 Hour feast of learning with amazing food!!!

Duration: 9.00 AM – 02.00 PM

Activities: Farm Tour and Activity + Lunch

What’s Included?

  • An inspiring Guided Farm Tour
  • Practical Sustainable Learning on Integrated and Organic Farming Method.
  • Experience Low Carbon Living and Farming Practices.
  • Hands-on Farm Activity (will depend on the timetable of the farm. i.e. making and feeding animals, planting seedlings, etc)
  • Snack, drinks, Farm to Table exquisite lunch


About 5EyesFarm:

5EyesFarm is an integrated farm that applies the principles of Permaculture and Organic farming methods. The farm is purposed to be a learning centre based around innovative and creative approaches to farming, practical living, health and food education and basic living skills.


Future food sustainability


Booking WA 0813 8441 6677

Minimum 10 Pax per booking


5 hr IDR 350,000 Desa Purwasari, Dramaga, Kabupaten Bogor


an organic farm is a hive of biodiversity. Experience nature the way it is meant to be

Reduce your footprint

explore many ways to live ethically and learn about great alternatives to improve daily life

Bio-converting green-waste

bioconversion is a staple of sustainable living. It is easy, fun and has amazingly effective results.

Food security

food security and sustainability – can we grow the future?


building and infrastructure can become an upcycling project.


recycling material is a creative way to conserve and energise us into the future


in a consumer world there needs to be another way to select goods ecologically.


new from old – creative, quality restoration and sustainability.