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We feed the green waste to the insects - and feed the insects to the animals

Greater Jakarta is a populated place. Waste production from the greater city has reached 14,000 tonnes per day! The management of this is not well planned or executed. It could be a potential source of energy and food and be managed far more effectively. It could also be a recycling business and a source of formal income streams.

We are really really small by comparison to greater Jakarta but at 5EyesFarm we are taking on the Great Green Waste Challenge (GGWC) as a model to manage our own waste and now we are collecting waste from outside the farm as it is such a valuable resource.

OK we need to get past the YUK factor here but the benefits far outweigh the sufferings! We now collect green waste daily from shops and markets and feed it to the insects and make bakasi from it. In turn the insects become part of the organic animal food.

We are reducing greenhouse gasses by nearly 2KG per KG of green waste we manage. We are experimenting with small scale bio gas too and this can be done large scale at the waste collection centres with some investment and produce electricity (like in Bali).

If you are interested to find out more about all this soo https://mailchi.mp/jakpost/skyscrapers-of-waste?e=4e33b8a385 and have a look at our Great Green Waste Challenge project more closely.

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