Stories from the farm – a closer look at the people, the place and the bio-diversity at 5EyesFarm

Sustainable building at 5EyesFarm is

Using recycled car tires to build pathways, fences, roofs, ponds, garden edges, retaining walls and foundations
Using waste plastic to make bottle bricks for building walls, edges, filler, ballast and packing

Sustainable building involves

Using scrap material off cuts from factories to use in many ways on many projects around the farm
Using junk materials from the dump to build and make all sorts of solutions on the farm 

Sustainable building includes

Using recycled metal to remake items
restoring furniture, buildings and elements for everyday use on the farm
Upcycling, recycling, restoring, reusing, rethinking purchasing and looking for alternatives in order to save on environmental waste and be creative in our approach.



Organic Life – stories from the farm

Organic gardening is not about just substituting toxic chemicals with less toxic ones, but about a whole different way of thinking and working. It is a conscious effort to cooperate with Nature in the creation of health and abundance for all.

Heide Hermary

The Essence of Organic Gardening

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The bees have moved in to the spare room

We learned the ropes of beekeeping in Australia for some years with a few urban hives. These were Apis mellifera (commonly called European Honey Bees (EHB) though they probably originated in Egypt). But since establishing 5EyesFarm in Java, Indonesia, we are...

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