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Old tires make great building materials

Using old car tyres for building is  environmentally sound and a useful. Tyres are a diverse product if used with a bit of creativity.

At 5eyesFarm we use recycled car tires to build pathways, fences, roofs, ponds, garden edges, retaining walls and foundations.

So far we have recycled over 14000 old car tires and we are still going!

 The roof of the house is clad with 600 car tyres and we have used thousands for the aquaponics ponds and thousands more for the fences. And we have discovered more things we xcan use them for: chairs and tables, belts, gates, frames, windows.

They are sturdy and long-lasting and best of all by using them for the infrastructure we know they are not being added to piles to be burned, buried or thrown into the sea.

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