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5EyesFarm is a place where we are exploring, attempting and creating solutions to contemporary small scale farming. A place where…

  • Traditional plant-lore meets natural farming meets permaculture.
  • Aquaponics grows fish and plants together in the most sustainable system possible.
  • A water wheel generates electricity.
  • The BSF insects eat green waste and reduce greenhouse gasses. In turn, they become food for the animals. And they make great compost to feed the plants that we sell and eat. 
  • We have recycled and incorporated fifteen thousand old car tyres have into the building of 5EyesFarm infrastructures.
  • We have recycled thousands of plastic bottles to build walls and ballast, garden circles and pathways. Each is jammed full of plastic waste – we have never needed to throw plastic away. We even collect it from the village.
  • Over 200 species of plant grow
  • We capture microorganisms, yeasts, bacteria and fungi’s for creating all kinds of foods and composts.
  • We have planted over 100 fruit trees and many more support trees for developing forest gardens
  • We harness the power of three species of bees to pollinate the farm
  • Worm farms are creating the best of composts
  • Water is pumped uphill with vacuum/gravity
  • Medicine is grown in the ground and picked from the trees
  • We make teas and juices and smooties – breads and dishes and remedies
  • We teach English and farming to the local villagers.
  • We run field trips, workshops and tours  for schools, international guests and  expats from Java and beyond.
  • We offer small scale accommodation to stay at the farm.



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