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5EyesFarm is a place where we are  creating solutions to contemporary small scale farming for long term food security, quality and health.

Imagine this: we have solved the problem around the cost of buying animals and fish food. We are making it on the farm. And the (bokashi) process purifies the food before the animals and the fishes get to eat it. Not only are we creating it all on-site, but we are recycling at the same time – and helping reduce societies big footprint while we are at it.

Imagine also making a great compost from green waste that would otherwise be burned, buried or thrown in the river. Thousands of tons a day are disposed of in a way that affects the environment badly. We can recycle it, shred it, compost and ferment it and use it to add to the feed of not just the animals (halfway through this process) but to the land itself.

Have a peek at our

Great Green Waste Challenge (GGWC)

and our

Adopt-a-tree project to create a forest garden model to help local farmers.



5EyesFarm from above

And 5EyesFarm is a place where…

  • You can visit, learn and discover nature in a unique farming context.
  • You can see traditional plant-lore in action.
  • Experience natural farming and permaculture.
  • See aquaponics growing fish and plants together in the most sustainable system possible.
  • Explore natural energy and crazy inventions.
  • Meet the insects and the worm farms.
  • Help make natural food for the animals.
  • Make gardens and compost.
  • Purchase fresh produce, traditional teas and spices, medicinal balms and more
  • Try building from recycling and explore sustainable building.
  • Make, create, get your hands dirty on small scale projects including harvesting and planting.
  • Take a workshop and learn in depth, in practice  and hands on skills in a range of progressive farming practices.
  • Explore over 200 species of plants, fruits, herbs, spices and produce in a tour of the farm.
  • Meet the animals
  • Understand how we harness the power of three species of bees to pollinate the farm.
  • Taste delicacies from 5EyesFarm kitchen including teas and juices and smoothies – breads and organic savoury dishes and much more delicious healthy.
  • Support our efforts to teach English and farming to the local villagers.
  • Organise a field trip for your school or group.
  • Come and stay over in our guest accommodation – retreat and dream, breath and be- between- the- trees with us for a while.


Tours at 5EyesFarm are an exciting and eye opening experience. See more here


5EyesFarm offers learning field-trips for schools grade 6 and up.  See more here


Why not try a Green-Ed workshop?

See more here

All visits to 5EyesFarm by appointment

(please book ahead)

We offer amazing meals, from our organic farm produce and our excellent kitchens. These are exceptional value. The price varies depending on how many bookings so please check with us in advance.

Please make enquiries before booking.

We are happy to do a presentation about what we offer with your team or staff and pre-visits are also welcome.


A tour of the farm is an eye-opening and memorable experience. Cost by donation with options for refreshments or a meal. Donation guide from Rp. 120,000 ($10 USA) per person for a guided farm tour & refreshments.


Our Field-trips are designed for middle school and young adult groups. Cost varies depending on group size and field-trip focus. Cost starts from Rp. 240,000 per person (USA$20) for a one-day field trip including refreshments and food.



5EyesFarm offers a range of workshops in specialist and introductory areas.

Cost depends on group size and topic.  General guide from Rp. 360,000 ($30 USA) per person for a workshop, farm tour & refreshments.

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