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Great Green Waste Challenge

Using green waste to feed the animals
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The Great Green Waste Challenge

Animal food, especially fresh water fish food, is expensive and the quality varies. We want to know what we are eating, and we are aware that the chickens and ducks (including their eggs) will become what they consume. So as well as running them free-range in a wonderful safe environment with permanent fresh water, we make their food, by hand, every day.

This is a big job but it ensures the quality of their diet and therefore the quality of our diet. Experimenting with the recipes has led us into a new venture which may prove to be long-term fruitful. It involves processing green waste by feeding it to insects which in turn are fed to the animals. It also involves fermenting green wastes to create ferments that will produce food for the animals as well. 

Fermented Green Waste feed for the BSF.


So we now need a lot of green waste and because it is being eaten and processed by insects and bacteria it is OK that it is not necessarily organic. This is because by the time it is processed it is entirely ‘clean’ and equal to any organic produce.

We are picking it up from the markets and saving this valuable commodity from being burned, buried or thrown in the rivers. And there is a lot of it! Our worm farms are flourishing and so are the black soldier fly larvae we are feeding.

We are appealing for help to raise funds for a truck. Our goal is a second hand truck equal to USD $8,000. This will allow us to expand production and start up satellite stations in the village, thus providing business and job opportunities in the local context.  And even if you do not feel connected to the Sundanese people of West Java, your help contributes towards future food security and sustainability globally. We aim to build on the 14 months of practical research we have undertaken, and we are happy to say that we are making progress.


Making ecopreneurs with black gold

We might be on to something. Long have we known that there are issues around waste management. We have been recycling hard waste and plastics for years and learning to build with them.

But the green waste is just as big an issue. The amount of C02 that comes from badly managed green waste disposal is 190% by mass. Landfill, burning and throwing in rivers and waterways are common practice. But why? This stuff is an incredibly valuable product. Why are we not using it to feed animals, feed the soil that in turn feeds us?  We need to make use of all those nutrients, carbons and nitrogen.

This is our driving question.

The Great Green Waste Challenge is established to see if we can create simple systems to manage green waste, make good food from it, and create small scale job opportunities in the process.

We are fermenting the green waste we collect from the markets and then using insects to help break it down. It is the insects that become animal feed. Excess becomes compost for the farm.

The compost is marketable. So are the insects for animal feed, both live and dried.

It has been a year of experimenting so far, and we are getting closer.

We are managing 50KG a day from outside the farm and a lot more from the farm itself. We have an aim to process 250KG per day on the farm before we start to create satellite stations around the region, giving opportunities for young people to become ecopreneurs.

Make something great from rubbish


The GGWC Story

We live in a place not too far from the biggest landfill in the world… on the most populated island in the world. There is private waste management in the villages where enterprising individuals collect and recycle hard waste and plastic. Not much is done with green waste. It is burned, buried or thrown in the rivers. for every 1KG of green waste to landfill, 1.9 KG of CO2 goes into the atmosphere. By throwing it in rivers and landfills or burning it in fields we are hurting the environment and losing a valuable resource. Green waste is the new black gold. In no time we can convert it into composts or animal foods. Using insects that are themselves high in protein we can break down green waste quickly, safely in an odourless process and create the best of foods for both plants and animals. 5EyesFarm is starting the Great Green Waste Challenge where we are processing more and more every day. We need sponsors, partners and supporters to help us upgrade from the motor bike to a small truck so we can collect even more green waste from the shops and markets.


Turning it all around

Turning the waste problem into an opportunity

The story of trash and waste management in any place can be overwhelming, and we tend to focus it on the most insidious and obvious – plastic waste. There is good reason to do so when we look at the chain reaction this causes right through the river systems and into ocean ecology. But solutions to every problem no matter how big must start somewhere.

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50KG per day collected and processed – 450 KG per day to go

Reducing C02, saving money, making healthy food for the animals, creating jobs.



Using ferments along with insects we have developed a fast way to convert green waste with negligible out gassing creating a healthy, beneficial option for feeding both plants and animals.  

Your donation will create a unique solution

By donating you are helping 5EyesFarm purchase a second-hand truck. This will mean we can expand what we have been developing by ten times per day. And this will help us reduce greenhouse gasses while making animal food – a project with far-reaching potential.

Thank you for your donation and please dont hessitate to ask us more about what we are doing.