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5EyesFarm sustainability program [DAAI TV]

A brief episode about sustainable living and organic farming at 5EyesFarm

Danti shows us how

Using natural banana flour Danti shows us how to make chocolate muffins in the jungle!

5EyesFarm heritage rice harvest

Early in the pandemic, we planted out an annual crop of heritage red and black kinds of rice. We harvested a year’s supply.

ABC RADIO Australia - Interview at 5EyesFarm

A brief look at the early stages of 5EyesFarm

A unique permaculture project

Book a workshop or tour

We offer gardening, composting, foraging, traditional medicinal and contemporary exotic cooking and sustainable food practices for workshops, tours and field trips. Check our visiting page for more.

Explore and discover

Visiting a genuine organic farm is literally stepping into a special ecosystem that is like a time warp. The whole world was full of these ecosystems once – before the mid 20th century. There is a perfect balance created by nature from the soil to the plants that thrive in this micro-climate and all the beneficial elements and organisms are naturally present. Come and discover 5EyesFarm close up. 

Around the farm

Interview with ABC Radio Australia around pollution and sustainability at 5EyesFarm.

Making a Lazy Susan

Innovation and design are ways to save and sustain and recycle and remake

James does 5EyesFarm

Young video eye on the farm

If it breaks fix it!

Learning to be inventive with machines and components.

Karo preparing Cassava

We do most things by hand, with care and con=sideration for the process as well as the outcome

One of our bee species pollinating 

Bees and other pollinating insects are really important for growing good food.