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PERM(anent)(agri)CULTURE is focused on using ecological ethics and principles as design tools to consciously design landscapes which mimic the relationships and patterns found in nature. It aims to establish systems to provide an abundance of food, fibre, medicine, water, shelter and energy. Permaculture aims at balance, health, and life practices that benefit and do not destroy the natural ecosystems of the earth.

Permaculture is more than a gardening or farming method, it is an interactive way of living and working within the living creativity of producing foods ethically and conservatively. The principles of permaculture are as follows:

1. Observe and Interact: Watch the land the weather, the context and work within it
2. Catch and store energy: Harness energy and minimise inputs
3. Obtain a yield: Be productive
4. Self regulate and accept feedback: Listen and learn for life
5. Use and value renewable resources: reuse, recycle, remake, restore
6. Produce no waste: Create waste management systems
7. Design from patterns to details: design from top down, build from bottom up
8. Integrate rather than segregate: Create mutually beneficial systems
9. Use small and slow solutions: Dont rush, be patient, work it out
10. Use and value diversity: diversify everything and have it self support
11. Use edges and value the marginal: It all happens on the margins – utilise this
12. Creatively use and respond to change: Be prepared for anything, adapt and persevere

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