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Rosella is the edible fruit of the hibiscus plant. We use it to make a special jam, and a base for juices. We grow a range of medicinal plants at 5EyesFarm. And there are a variety of traditional ways to either ingest or utilise the various medicinal and edible plant we grow.

According to Organic Motion (https://organicmotion.com.au/rosella/)

“In traditional medicine, rosella is known to increase stamina and endurance, help with detoxification (neutralizing poison) as well as lowering blood pressure, blood sugar levels, uric acid and cholesterol in the body. Helps to treat a cough, sore throat and canker sores, yet can also soothe a migraine”

and uses:

“Edible leaves for chickens.  Great for seed saving.  Attracts birds and bees.  The stem is cultivated for the production of bast fibre {rosella hemp} (a substitute for jute in the making burlap).  Folk medicine.  Edible leaves, flowers and seeds.”

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