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Across the sea

An update from the farm

Finding ourselves across the sea during the pandemic has brought a new appreciation of family and friends. Some connections have slid behind through distance and lack of contact. Surprising reconnections have enriched us, reuniting with long-lost cousins and age-old friends from a bygone era. It seems there is always a good side to every problematic scenario.

We haven’t had any official business since lockdown in March 2020, but we have been doing a bit of outside work to get by. Some of you know our market offers Green-Ed workshops and hands-on learning through projects and natural learning’ experiences.’ The farm’s business was developing quite well before the pandemic. We hosted field trips and tours and workshops. Now the 80 bamboo plates are in storage, along with all the big scale kitchen stuff, waiting in boxes for a better season.

Without business, we have turned our attention to refining the farm, tweaking the projects we have going on, and improving them. We enhanced the aquaponics-system and invented a way to make fish and poultry foods using insects to break down green waste. We have also been transitioning the organic farm into forest gardens – focusing on the long term (vertical more than horizontal).

Life for us on the farm is still engaging and full of wonder and learning experiences. There is never enough time to do everything, and we remain inspired and have a lot ahead.

Our ‘projects page’ has more information and some close-up detail, including photos. You can be part of what we are doing here in a small way if you are interested, and we would appreciate the connection and help. (see our adopting a tree project or help us expand the great green waste project).


The family here is well. We have been weaving baskets and drying herbs

& spices and making unique foods: practising for a future that we hope will emerge again. It is like doing an apprenticeship in several areas at once but not knowing when we can put it all into action in the real.


We hope and trust all is well with you and ask, above all, that you keep in touch. We miss having International guests come and stay, and we will be delighted when that is possible again. Here is looking forward to the post-pandemic shutdown, and in the meantime, keep safe, stay well, be blessed.



Life for us on the farm is still engaging and full of wonder and learning


BTW: We offer ‘virtual tours’ (by donation), which take 1.5 hours and can be a fun and relaxing thing to do from the comfort of your home. You guys can sit around after dinner, enjoy a live/interactive tour of the farm, ask questions, see some projects, and sense the scope of another place. You can arrange this easily here.


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