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Making a worm farm is a great ‘lockdown’ project if you haven’t got one. These living ‘waste disposal units’  turn kitchen scraps into beautiful compost. It actually quite is easy, convenient and effective. And it is amazing how much green waste and scraps come out of any cooking kitchen and even if you only have pots on a verandah the stuff the worms turn that kitchen waste into really helps the garden. If you are interested in giving worm farming a try check out our occasional news below about setting up a home system.

You can make a D.I.Y version if you can find a small bit of ground somewhere to collect worms by putting a trap pile there. A trap pile includes leaves, moisture, some existing compost or manure will speed it up (if you have any at hand). You can buy worms online if you can’t capture them in the wild.

It helps to have a space undercover, outside but near the kitchen.

You can also recycle and use D.I.Y containers for this or you can buy premade systems of all shapes and sizes.

Make a worm blanket from sewing scraps or old unwanted clothing a hessian coffee bag or coir blanket and keep it moist.

You are already good to go. See the below manual for more details.







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