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Herbs, Spices, Teas & Things

Welcome to the 5Eyes-Shop where we feature small quantities of specialist herb and spice based medicinal and superfood remedies and additions to your kitchen and your health.

We grow a range of lovely organic herbs and spices and teas as well as making natural oils and using fibrous plants to enhance sustainable living and great foods. If you would like to add zest to your kitchen consider our 100% organic lovingly grown handpicked, sun-dried fresh from the farm food choices. All our sold goods are sustainably packaged.

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Dried medicinal spices

We have abundant Rosella and Papaya as well as steady crops of our main herbs, spices and teas coming on.


Dry medicinal mix tea


Adopt a tree

Help us create a model forest garden

Your support will enable those with less to get ahead. Find out more here

Choose your tree

Sign up to adopt a tree for a small monthly fee

Name your tree

Your sponsorship is helping build a model food forest

Watch your tree grow

We use the model to empower farming families in the region

Oils and cleansers

Our organic coconut oil smells and tastes and feels amazing. Great for skin and hair and stings and as food. Mixed with aloevera grown organically on the farm we offer a cleanser and skin clarifier straight fro nature. Helps with minor burns and abrasions too.

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Looking for real organic? Hoping to find those true free-range farm eggs and 100 % healthy produce. Come and see how it’s done. That is our best offer. Total transparency.

Nowadays, everything is hyper hyped. Makes it nearly impossible to know what’s good and what’s fake. 

The real proof is in the experiencing, the tasting, the harvesting the visiting. Come and see what we do first hand. How we grow through all the steps and how we process. It is as genuine organic and natural as it gets. And it tastes fabulous!

5EyesFarm is a Green-Ed centre where we learn in nature and use recycling to achieve our goals.

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