Sustainable Practice

Fantastic plastic

Sustainable practice stars with recycling. All that plastic waste – what do we do with it. There is no pick up service here and most of the time it gets burned (very not good practice) or thrown in the river (very not good practice). We are managing it by making bottle bricks using plastic drink bottles that we fill with small plastics from wrappers, straws, bags etc. We use bottle bricks to build with! We clean all plastic on the farm and sort it out and sell some of it but use most of it on site. We hope to expand the plastic waste management through the village.


Green waste

Organic waste – we use for compost and for breeding insects that we will feed to the animals for their high protein content. This has real potential. We started breeding the insects to feed the animals and between composting, worm farming and feeding the other insects (crickets, meal worms and black soldier fly) we don’t even have enough green waste on the farm for them all. So we have started collecting extra from shops and local markets each day. As we expand this we have potential to start a whole series of these small productions in the village.


Creating opportunities

Starting production in the village means small business opportunities for the local people here who have very little opportunity beyond subsistence farming. Working with the leaders of the village we are launching the Great Green Waste Challenge. Read more.