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Welcome to 5EyesFarm worm composting and wet/dry composting workshop. We are bringing a small corner of the farm to South Jakarta for a Sunday morning overview of this great DIY solution that is both easy to do and very beneficial. Join us for only IDR 350,000 from 9 am-12 pm March 15th. See below for more details.

What we are learning

We will be doing the first session around worm farming covering the common questions, basic techniques and set up overview. The second session on community and dry/wet waste composting. Here we will look at an overview of options. 

It is hands-on with worm-farms and starters we are bringing along!

Find out what you need to know to get started with worm farming and community composting.

Kitchen waste worm farm

A great way of dealing with kitchen waste is to feed it to your own worm farm. Session 1 of this special workshop we are bringing from the farm to Jakarta covers how to worm farm. We cover ‘how to make your worm farm smell sweet’ and ‘how to get your worm farm to transform your kitchen waste’

Community compost options overview

Explore the different kinds of community applications of composting from ‘dry’ compost brown waste, clippings, leaves and maintenance compost materials to ‘wet’ composting – teas, barrels, mixed bins and insect enhanced.

Easy access
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Workshop pricing is IDR 350,000 p.p. for a morning workshop in South Jakarta  from 9am-12pm. Refreshments from the farm included.

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Get your own starter  kit or worm cafe

Worm Farm & starter package

5EyesFarm is making worm farms for average family size kitchen composting. These are recycled and hand made with love at the farm. They are suitable for a small family of 2 or 3 to a larger family of 4-5  and come with bedding and a great starter kit of lively worms and castings. It will take 6-10 weeks to build up to capacity following our workshop steps.

Complete “Super Family”recycled worm- farm starting from IDR650,000

Crate based recycled worm cafe

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5EyesFarm is coming to town

5EyesFarm is coming to town to offer a composting workshop. We will bring some of our organic farm produce to offer for morning tea. We will bring some products for sale including our:

premium organic Karo Highland Arabica coffee;

sun-dried herbal teas,

sun-dried herbs and spices

Farm made sourdough bread

For more information about our in-season organic fruits, vegetables and condiments please enquire here

Come for an adventure between the trees

Following the composting and worm farming workshop we are offering we welcome visitors to come to 5Eyesfarm and learn more, experience the lovely fresh nature here by taking a tour. 

For bookings or more informtion on other workshops or field-trips please go here