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Making organic feed for the animals

Our work with raising freshwater fish and poultry is focusing on the food they eat. Food is the only input we aim to use. No supplements or lab chemicals at all. And by making the food organically we know what they eat, and we know what we eat.


Recycle green waste  by feeding the insects

Raising BSF on green waste is a multi-faceted program. It reduced Co2 and other greenhouse gasses. It manages otherwise polluting waste, the waste is cleaned in the process of BSF and vermiculture ingestion, and it produces food to raise these insects and worms.

Variety for a mixed diet

The insects and worms, in turn, are suitable supplements for the fat and protein needed by fish and along with the broken down green waste mixed with probiotics (harnessed from nature), and couples with rice-bran and some natural herbs and roots like banana trunk, taro and turmeric, we have healthy sustainable produce.


Our fish are being raised in an aquaponics system so the water for them is cleaned by the plants and the bacteria is healthy and beneficial.