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5EyesFarm is a life lab where we learn how to live sustainably, environmentally, and naturally. We have been rediscovering many different things about how we:
● Understand, grow and eat food
● Multiply, nurture and preserve with natural cycles
● Look after nature, soil, plants and animals
● Remake and regenerate
● Take a different approach to creating buildings and a special place to live

5Eyes is a special place where nature and innovation come together! Our life lab is full of wonderful projects designed to readdress the ways we consume and the ways we can embrace traditional methods and age-old wisdom.

Based on permaculture and natural farming practices we have establish and refined models and methods and we continue to learn every day. We have much to share and there is much to learn that is practical and useful.

Our FarmLab is now a place where you can visit and be inspired, whether you’re interested in regeneration projects, farming, gardening or just love spending time in nature.

We welcome visitors interested in

  • Workshops: regeneration projects and making good foods
  • Group field trips
  • A special retreat-style villa stay experience.

Come and visit come and stay

 We warmly invite schools and groups to experience a wonderful adventure into productive growing and sustainable living practices in our living farm lab.

Visiting 5EyesFarmLab

Field Trips at 5EyesFarmLab

Visiting 5EyesFarmLab is not like visiting your average farm. Most farms are mono-culture and market driven. Our future food and growing approaches, permaculture and forest gardens, and integrated systems carefully harnessing nature are wonderful to experience first-hand.

We showcase regenerative and sustainability practices and introduce students through hands-on learning, activities and abundant knowledge sharing. Then there is the banquet of organic farm food and refreshments, not to mention the fresh air and safe natural environment.

As educators, we understand the needs of class-level teachers and students from primary to senior high school.

We work closely with schools to focus on your areas of interest. There is so much to do on a field trip at 5EyesFarmLab.

Easy access from Jakarta and options for mid-high-end accommodation nearby for extended visits.

We offer school teacher-leader teams a complimentary farm visit to experience what we can offer your school. Click this text content for more information.


—01 Organic Life

Organic living is a holistic approach that extends beyond chemical-free farming. It’s a lifestyle deeply connected to the soil, land, and environment, promoting clean water, air, and natural biodiversity. Emphasizing balance and integration, involves allowing nature to guide the growth and development of all our integrated processes. It’s a commitment to regenerative practices that harmonize with our surroundings.

—02 Green-Ed


Green-Ed is learning with nature for a better future. We develop survival skills through hands-on activities and workshops and foster exploration, discovery, and understanding. We design, make, grow, cook, ferment, preserve, and create new possibilities. 5EyesFarmLab creates Green-Ed workshops across Farm, Garden, Lab and Kitchen. Experience hands-on learning in nature

—03 Sustainable Practice

Recycle, remake, regenerate, reclaim, restore

At 5EyesFarm, our sustainable journey involves recycling, remaking, and regenerating soil with natural composts. We upcycle old items and use recycled materials, committing to zero waste and environmental stewardship. Every day, we creatively repurpose what’s at hand, making life practical, exciting, and fun.

—04 Good Food

“We are what we eat” – Frank Zappa.

At 5EyesFarm, we’re exploring where our natural, healthy, and organic food comes from and what it can do for us. We’re experimenting with food combinations to create juices, cakes, meals, and unique flavours. This ongoing creative process blends traditional plant foods with new ideas to craft healthy culinary delights.


—05 Community Engagement

Connecting community through practical education

At 5EyesFarm, we aim to create an educational model based on organic farming and permaculture. By focusing on small-scale sustainability, we demonstrate viable alternatives to subsistence farming and monoculture practices, blending traditional agriculture with modern technologies and values.

Our Grade 11 students embarked on an unforgettable journey to 5EyesFarm. Through immersive experiences in sustainable science and environmental stewardship, they delved into the beauty of nature and their responsibilities as faithful stewards 🌿📚

SPH Kemang Village

Thank you for the day’s care, curation, amazing feast, and refreshments! We will remember the hands-on activities and making eco-bricks, mixing natural cement and making walls! The harvesting, planting of seedlings and feeding of the animals. What a great experience. 

SIS Group of Schools

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