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Welcome to 5EyesFarm

5EyesFarm is an education centre on an organic farm aiming to empower through natural knowledge  and  developing food security through sustainable practices.

We believe that positive change can happen. By growing healthier food and developing better methods, we can implement and share creative resilience to strengthen all our futures.

We are learning to restore the land, create organic gardens, recycle everything, build sustainably, better prepare food and share learning.

We are now on our way to establishing forest gardens – the most productive use of land. And we have a bigger plan for teaching and social development in the region.

We invite you to join with us on a journey of discovery as we experiment with and develop a range of innovative projects.


Learning to grow good food sustainably, with natural systems and Zero Waste

5EyesFrom the Sky

1 Organic Farm

Our organic growing includes everything from permaculture to making food for the animals using natural farming combined with traditional methods. 

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2 Green-Ed

5EyesFarm is a learning centre based on Green-Ed, Hands, Head, Heart learning in nature. Experience the wonders of nature between the trees.

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3 Sustainable Living

We are developing ways to waste nothing and use everything carefully, from plastic to green waste. Making new from old.

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4 Good Food

From seedling to harvest to the 5EyesKitchen we are creating good food experiments with the many things we grow. Juice anyone? Cookies, a banquet?

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5 Community Engagement

Learning from, working with and supporting local community is important to us as part of the mission and life of the farm.

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Environmental approaches

Recycling, reusing, restoring, re-making and selecting products carefully for resilience and a different future. We have used 14000 recycled car tyres to help build the farm… we have used 1000’s of plastic bottles to build walls… We have many innovative ways to utilise product effectively and sustainable.

Social Benifit

Teaching the village children English and helping families get ahead is one of our main focuses here. We are their main opportunity in this context. Also, training local farmers to convert their mono subsistence crops slowly into forest gardens for better food security, bio diversity and economy.

Sustainable Farming

Applying organic farming practices to productive food growing and animal raising. Natural farming and permaculture influences all that we do. The soil, the compost, the water, the clean, chemical free processes and all the associated protections and systems. Organic farming becomes organic life for us. 

Innovative Learning

Our Green-Ed centre offers workshops, tours, specially tailored courses and connecting with nature. Hands, Head, Heart learning in nature you can apply to your garden, kitchen, courtyard, patio or windowbox. Try our hands-on learning even if you can’t come to the farm in person. Connect with us virtually and add something special to your life.

Herbs & Spices

  • Learn to grow herbs & spices
  • Processing and storing herbs & spices
  • Preparing a range of foods using herbs & spices
  • Medicinal herbs & spices

Give your food a great variety of tastes and add vitality for a healthy diet.

Good Food Quest

  • Traditional food growing
  • Organic gardening
  • Permaculture design
  • Every day medicinal food
  • The Juice

5EyesFarm Projects

  • The Great Green Waste Challenge: Using green waste to make organic food for the animals – using insects!
  • Natural aqua-culture with benefits! – through large tropical and also small home scale aquaponics systems.
  • Forest Garden: – the most productive, most natural way to grow

Upcoming Events – Online Workshops


March 2021

Worm-farm compost making from the kitchen

Join us for a lovely online organic compost making module. Face to face on Zoom & support materials provided. Learn more. Click here for bookings


March 2021

Organic Gardening for small spaces

Learn remotely how to make a productive garden with us for a special online workshop with 5EyesFarm.  Zoom with us –  support materials provided. Click here for bookings

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