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Natural Farming is about letting nature do the work of being nature.

Natural farming incorporates permaculture practices, organic growing principles, sustainable living and regenerative goals.

Natural farming

Natural farming is about working with nature to produce quality, sustainable foods. And the goal of natural farming is to allow sustainability to become ‘regeneration’ through uninterrupted biodiversity and ecosystems. We then see that productivity growth has a whole life of its own and needs minimal interventions.

Natural farming is entirely opposite to contemporary farming practices. Instead of forcing efficiencies and artificially manipulating the processes of nature, natural farming uses endemic cultures, indigenous microbes, and local growing patterns and works with what it has.

Bringing in products, seeds, soil, additives, and enhancers from ‘outside’ the local zone is an expensive, often futile and counter-productive approach. And using pesticides and herbicides destroys the ecologies that make a garden farm sing, thrive, taste, and naturally supply good foods in abundance.

5EyesFarm Forest Garden project

A forest garden

A forest garden is an effective future food solution.

A forest garden incorporates seven or more layers of a productive food forest (seven levels of edible garden).  This forest garden (or food forest) is said to be the most sustainable way to grow an organic farm or garden.

A food forest is diverse. The plants interact and support each other, effectively becoming a superorganism (like a beehive). What falls stays, and there is little maintenance once it is established. Have a look at some inspiring stories on food forests here

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Animals and natural feed

Raising insects as protein and combining farm-grown greens, rice and corn bran, and fermented soy waste forms the base for healthy balanced poultry and fish food.

This all becomes a massive green-waste recycling project with many advantages and few drawbacks.

Harnessing Black Soldier Flies expands on what nature does and has no artificial inputs or interference. It is a clean and sustainable small-scale solution for turning green waste into compost gold and for providing high-value food for animals.