Organic farming is about the health of the whole cycle of productive growing. Soil, water, seeds, rotation, natural pest management, compost making and a host of other elements come into play. At 5EyesFarm we grow all our food organically. Fruit, vegetables and herbs & spices. But we also raise free-range organic poultry and fresh-water fish. Each system we run, including making food for the animals on site, is designed for best practice in organic management.


The Ducks, Chickens, Geese and Quail have a big, safe home at 5EyesFam. They can swim, lounge, forage, and meander around both indoors and outside. They eat grubs, worms and snails along with their organically prepared, hand made 3 meals a day.

Organic farming

Organic farming is a whole life thing. It involves the food we eat and how we grow it but also the water we drink and the products we use and the processes we carry out. It is all related to trying to maximise health and life while limiting waste and consumer laziness.

We are big on recycling, remaking and reusing materials and fixing what is broken. Also on send guessing ourselves on all approaches. It is often challenging to come up with a balance and keep our foot print smallish. We are on the way through this journey and invite all and any wisdom along the way.


Organic farming includes the animals, the aquaponics the insects the ferments the composts and wormfarms and all their associated processes. It also includes traditional productive growing in ground using rotation cropping, inter cropping, companion planting and experimental growing.

Our organic farming principles

Integrated farming

The different systems and areas of the farm aim to serve more than one purpose and overlap with each other. One of many examples: Chicken manure becomes fertiliser, garden waste becomes chicken food. Another example: The fish in the aquaponics fertlise the plants in the aquaponics and the plants clean the water for the fish.

Natural Farming

Harvesting the micro-organisms indigenous to the area and making composts with these and other related processes like natural calcium, ferments and other essential elements for plant life is an exciting journey of discovery.


Design and principles of permaculture are the basis of the build and processes at 5EyesFarm along with Natural farming techniques and Integrated farming approaches. Find out more


Banana planting

Recycled Irrigation

Life on the farm

5EyesFarm Forest Garden project

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