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Good Food

Good food is a whole journey of discovery, especially these days. Each time we come across something that helps us understand a food type or process or even discover a new type of food or combination –  it’s like finding gold inside the mine.

Most good food comes from the ground, the soil. Even animal produce originates from what the animals eat – and, therefore, what the animals eat.


Most productive foods that grow either underground, on the ground or above the ground contain medicinal properties. Pharmaceuticals come from this because the garden is like a giant drugstore. From shoots to green-leaf vegetables to fruits and berries and even bark, seeds, leaves, and roots may contain beneficial foods that have been used in traditional medicine for a long time. It is also true that this is a science that needs to be learned because there are also toxic and unhelpful elements living alongside these great healing foods.



There are no simple solutions to food security, and many actors and industries are associated with future food production, consumption and understanding. Big agriculture and mass production animal farming are not the way ahead for the environment, health or ethics.


Small scale green farming and home garden production is needed like it was during the world wars and perhaps more as time goes by. How we garden and farm, how we grow our foods and what we learn can be a survival reality for us in future.