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Good Food

Learning to grow

Growing food organically we are learning to focus on the processes of permaculture, natural farming and integrated farming. These combined provide a clean and productive farm.

Fruits, grains, nuts, herbs, spices & vegetables are all grown carefully and lovingly at 5eyesfarm. We produce organic eggs from free-range chickens, ducks and geese. We also run aquaponics that produce organically grown fresh water fish.

Among the many things that we grow and raise there are teas and traditional medicines for eating drinking and sometimes for applying to skin. Producing healthy organic foods has led to making breads and cakes, wonderful arrays of main dished, special juices and smoothies and a host of recipes from farm to table.

The taste, feel, smell of the foods grown here are rich and natural. And we hope to inspire others with our foods, both the growing and the producing of wonderful things to eat.

5EyesFarm Produce

5EyesFarm produce is organically grown. It all starts in the soil. From composts, Bakasi, compost tea, worm farm castings, mulches and natural farming methods we increase soil health and micro organisms and mineral. It is said that this is the basis of all organic health in the garden.

We grow fruits including berries like black berries, vine fruits like passion fruit, tree fruits like rambutan and jack fruit and mango and herbacious fruits like pineapples.

We grow veggies like lettuces, kale, tomatoes in rotation with nitrogen fixing runs like peanuts and sweet potatoes. We intercrop herbs and companion veggies.

We grow grains like sorgum and heritage rice. We also grow root crops and traditional medicinal plants like ginger, clove, cinnamon and tumeric.