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Visiting 5EyesFarm

We welcome groups to experience sustainable farming and practice at 5EyesFarm.

5EyesFarm Tours

Come and take a tour at 5EyesFarm and experience this unusual and fascinating place. Tours take 2 hours and include a guided overview tour of the whole farm and fresh organic refreshments from the farm. Great taster for families and small groups.

5EyesFarm Field-Trips

Field trips at 5EyesFarm are an exciting opportunity to engage in the natural world. Our field trips include hands-on mini-workshops and a chance to explore and learn and try all kinds of activities on the farm.

Health & Safety for group visits

The safety and well-being of students are our top priority. All activities and programs have undergone a risk assessment. If you have any specific concerns about safety, please let us know.

We ensure all activities are managed safely and maintain the students’ health, safety, and well-being and our reputation. The school is responsible for supervising the students, and we, at 5EyesFarm, are responsible for ensuring safety at our site. We aim to work together to ensure a healthy, safe, and happy experience.

If a student needs to take medication, they should bring enough supplies and inform both their teacher and 5Eyes staff. All information is kept confidential. We have a first-aid centre and quick access to three clinics within 10 minutes.

The level of fitness required for activities varies by program, but generally, students can handle the activities on the farm if they can do similar activities at school. We encourage hands-on learning and have washing facilities and hygiene solutions available. We ask students to bring water bottles as all water served is purified to the highest standard.

5EyesFarm is excited to host your school and aims to make the field trip a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

Review or download our risk assessment information here


Mind-Blowing experience

We took a tour with the family. Mind blowing – you must come and check it out, truly this is a unique place. Thank you so much to Danti and Jon and the crew for the warm welcome, the incredible knowledge and the inspiration of seeing such wonderful projects around food and environment

Jacquie,  and family December 2019


Thank you 5EyesFarm

Our Grade 11 students embarked on an unforgettable journey to 5EyesFarm. Through immersive experiences in sustainable science and environmental stewardship, they delved into the beauty of nature and their responsibilities as faithful stewards 🌿📚

During the field trip, they explored zero-waste practices, organic farming, the significance of bees, and the importance of making healthy food choices. This trip not only deepened their understanding but also fostered meaningful connections with classmates, creating cherished memories 🙌🏻

We are grateful to witness our students intertwining their faith with the pursuit of sustainability as they embrace their role as stewards of God’s bountiful resources 💚🌎



Such a great field-trip

Thanks for having us. The whole grade level has had such a memorable time. Exploring the farm and seeing all the projects was so great. Actually making recycled plastic bottles for the walls and food for the animals was special and they won’t forget it. Keep up the good work.

Bunda Mulia Grade 8



Best Learning Journey we have had

Thank you for the day’s care, curation, amazing feast, and refreshments! We will remember the hands-on activities and making eco-bricks, mixing natural cement and making walls! The harvesting, planting of seedlings and feeding of the animals. What a great experience. We will remember and incorporate the experience and big-picture learning we have had for a long time to come.

SIS Group of Schools


Other packages & options

University research project

For high school and university students doing research projects, we offer a discounted tour package focusing on topics and Q&A sessions. Your time with us includes refreshments and a Q&A session plus a tour of the farm.

Thank you for being so interested in 5EyesFarm. We offer packages that are full of value, discovery, learning and fun. 


Teachers & Leaders Professional Development

Teachers and leaders professional development and team building in nature. This is an encouraging and outbuilding PD with real hands-on learning and a whole bunch of inspiration. Teachers and professional educators and their adminoistration teams have really benifited from coming to the farm to do a prefessional development in nature including team building. 5EyesFarm also brings nature to your campus for PD's and team building workshops. Enquire here

Family or small group visits

5EyesFarm has a special tour for families of 5 or small groups of up to 10. Please enquire about our low rates, our great food and the wonderful 'retreat-style' learning experience of visiting the farm. Kids simply love this!

Business teams, team-leaders & teachers refresh

For business leaders, teams and teachers come and see how we can do integrated learning in nature with your group. We invite you fr a free visit and overview. Please book in advance. We look forward to hosting you.

Discount student package

Student groups studying a specific topic or wanting to discover new approaches are welcome to arrange a tour for Rp.70,000 PP including refreshments and a Q&A with the founders. This is great value and an eye opening experience.

Team Building

Team building around nature based workshops is a great experience and learning tool for your teams. Enquire about our on farm options including farm to table organic meals and awesome refreshments as well as workshop options. We also offer to bring a little of what we do on the farm to your campus and share the experience. We are highly experienced educators who specialise in Green-Ed and offer a fresh approach to learning at your service.

Book a visit with us

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Visit & tour

Organic menu of farm fresh produce, excellent workshop or tour options or simply come and relax and retreat. There are wonderful walks and cross-cultural adventures to be had beyond the gates of 5Eyes and a comfortable protected piece of nature within our fences. We look forward to hosting you. Enquire now...