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Organic Life

"Organic gardening is not about just substituting toxic chemicals with less toxic ones,
but about a whole different way of thinking and working.
It is a conscious effort to cooperate with nature in the creation of health and abundance for all".

Organic life incorporates permaculture practices, Natural farming principles, sustainable living and regenerative goals.


We discover a whole new level of life when we start growing organic foods. At first, it’s just about the seedlings, the plants growing and the wonder of it all transforming before our eyes. The more involved we become, the more we see the soil, the patterns of the weather and water, and the life of microbes and insects all working together.


Growing plants using synthetic chemicals and pesticides reduces natural production, sterilises and poisons our food. Organic growing tastes better and is richer in minerals, vitamins and vital elements – so it is much better for our health.


Natural farming is about working with nature to produce quality, sustainable foods. And the goal of natural farming is to allow sustainability to become ‘regeneration’ through uninterrupted biodiversity and ecosystems. We then see that productivity growth has a whole life of its own and needs minimal interventions.


Natural farming is entirely opposite to contemporary farming practices. Instead of forcing efficiencies and artificially manipulating the processes of nature, natural farming uses endemic cultures, indigenous microbes, and local growing patterns and works with what it available, local and present.