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About 5EyesFarm-Lab

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5EyesFarm-Lab is an educational and research centre just outside Jakarta in Indonesia, focusing on sustainable living and good food production. The farm is run on organic principles and uses innovative methods focusing on sustainability and regeneration to grow food in an environmentally friendly way.

Meet Danti and Jonathan

Danti & Jonathan are co-founders of 5EyesFarm-Lab and have been married for 15 years. They have lived at 5EyesFarm since 2018 with their adopted son, James, who is 11.

Together they warmly invite you to experience 5EyesFarm-Lab first-hand.


An unstoppable force of hospitality, ingenuity and innovative business management, Danti Tarigan is the maker and the driver of 5EyesFarm-Lab.


A passionate educator both in and outside the classroom with extensive experience teaching in multicultural contexts. Jonathan is interested in practically everything.