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Green-Ed Series #1


Our passion is education and seeing learners develop, bloom and flourish.

• Combining higher-order learning with hands-on learning in nature we feel we are providing an opportunity for a much-needed balance.

• As technology and therefore educational developments progress (rapidly) there is an ever-increasing need for young learners (and older learners too) to also develop hands on learning, project based learning and nature based learning.

• We believe connecting learning with nature helps develop material intelligence and increases the over all learning processes.

• From our experience it is about new discovery and inspires learners in practical connections with general learning.

5EyesFarm offers integrations for MYP and IBDP students

Middle school students come to 5Eyes to do field trips where they learn hands-on

sustainability practices and some special gardening techniques. This is a fun and helpful extension program where everyone learns a lot.

5EyesFarm facilitates IBDP science students doing a group 4 project by working closely with teachers and coordinators and utilising the aquaponics system as a project site for physics chemistry and biology problems and solutions.

We have also helped cohorts of IBDP students with long essay research.

Apart from the IB we welcome all learners

We invite Intercultural School visits

We offer a one-day learning experience where students rotate around six different workshop style projects and get to try and participate in:

• Making bottle bricks recycling project

• Making food for the animals

• Harvesting food

• Planting seedlings in aquaponics

• Building a layered bed

• Exploring the insectarium



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