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Sustainable Building

“People have used ingenuity in building sustainably for millenia. Maybe we can learn something from the past that can benifit the future .”

Sustainable building is about...

Sustainable building starts with considering what materials to use. Instead of just going to the hardware store or buying the first thing we think of online, we spend time working out what we can reuse, recycle and capitalise on that will improve the build and limit a negative impact.

Let’s face it, the building is quite negatively impactful, so the more we can minimise without compromising on quality, aesthetics, safety and sound building practices the better.

These days we are building a lot with eco-bricks so we can manage our hard waste and make solid walls at the same time. We have devised a render from clay and sand with a touch of lime and cement, resulting in a structural wall with a sound finish.

Consider this fence – recycles car tyres again but with a different application:

These two-meter-high fences go around the farm and are around one kilometre long. The sheer cost of modern hardware and the maintenance alone would be earth-shattering. So the way to go is to use an upcycled approach that is easy to maintain and saves a lot of money. This is also a much more sustainable long-term solution than other fencing.

The whole of 5eyesFarm-Lab is made up of these sorts of projects. We have dozens of sustainability projects on site, from drainage and pathways to septic systems to buildings, accommodations and public spaces. If you are interested to learn about sustainable building, talk with us about a workshop, a tour or a group field trip.


The Teaching House

An East Javanese Joglo is made of teak wood.

The dining room

Stone and reclaimed timber

Recycled Tyre roof

The main house has a recycled tyre roof.

Eco brick wall

Eco bricks build great walls.