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“Small is good, small is all - (the large is a reflection of the small)”

A natural working (integrated) model can be repeated, duplicated and have a larger effect.

Goal #1

Our farm and the 17 sustainability goals

5Eyesfarm serves as a micro-site for environmental education. We are an organic farm with integrated sections. 1) Raising animals, 2) raising freshwater fish and 3) growing produce (including fruit trees). The farm serves as a canvas for learning sustainability, and it happens that in practical ways, we share and cross over most of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Taking advantage of our small size to maximize strategy and approaches, the following reflects some of our equivalents with the UN  Sustainability Goals.



Our Sustainable Development Goals

1. No poverty. 5eyesfarm works towards poverty reduction by employing local workers from the immediate area. Further, we implement small scale programs for education for school-aged children, and we are working towards agriculture education initiatives with local farmers to improve their outputs and reduce their expenditure. We have hopes and plans to extend upon what we have started and become a positive force in the area influencing and supporting poverty reduction through employment, entrepreneurial training for youth and improved agriculture education.