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Restoring – Remaking – Recycling

Restoring - Remaking - Recycling the old and making it new

Sustainable practice is inspiring when it comes to the creative restoration of old things. Rejuvinating the old brings a new lease of life while maintaining a history and sometimes a deep tradition. 

Green Waste is the new black gold

We live in a place not too far from the biggest landfill in the world… on the most populated island in the world. There is private waste management in the villages where enterprising individuals collect and recycle hard waste and plastic. Not much is done with green waste. It is burned, buried or thrown in the rivers. for every 1KG of green waste to landfill, 1.9 KG of greenhouse gasses goes into the atmosphere. By throwing it in rivers and landfills or burning it in fields we are hurting the environment and losing a valuable resource. Green waste is the new black gold. In no time we can convert it into composts or animal foods. Using insects that are themselves high in protein we can break down green waste quickly, safely in an odourless process and create the best of foods for both plants and animals. 5EyesFarm is starting the Great Green Waste Challenge where we are processing more and more every day. We need sponsors, partners and supporters to help us upgrade from the motor bike to a small truck so we can collect even more green waste from the shops and markets. 


The Great Green Waste Challenge

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