Guava Tree – Creating a Forest Garden


A beautiful guava tree planted to maximise its benefit as the centrepiece for a section of a forest garden.



This Guava tree is a part of our creating a Forest Garden project for education and social development. Adopting this tree will mean you follow its progress and receive updates on its growth, production, and the emerging forest garden it shelters and enhances. Help us to establish this tree and its part of the forest garden to teach local farmers how to go back in time and reinvent their smallholding land to a forest garden model. This will mean added security and more diverse, healthier foods and a more robust market for them. This is a beautiful tree, it will grow to a medium height of 5 meters with a broad spread. It is suitable in a forest garden as it lets through light/partial shade. It is a medicinal in its own right and will support the growth of an abundant and diverse garden at its feet and surrounds.


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