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5EyesForest Garden Project

Improving everything a little


YOU MIGHT HAVE HEARD of regenerative agriculture, organic farming or even the idea of a food forest. Well, we have been regenerating the land here at 5eyesfarm – believing in improving food growing methods that will benefit people and improve production and vitality.

WE HAVE BEEN CREATING integrated farm systems believing that each thing we do can have more than one benefit. Now we are bringing it all together in a Forest Garden. This is the best way we can create food security and educate and empower social development.

WE INVITE YOU to partner with us. You can even have your own tree at 5EyesFarm and be part of establishing this model.

What is a forest garden?

A forest garden incorporates seven or more layers of a productive food forest. A forest garden (or food forest) is said to be the most sustainable way to grow an organic farm or garden. A food forest is diverse. The plants interact and support eachother becoming a superorganism (like a bee hive). What falls stays and there is little maintenance once it is established. Have a look at some inpiring stories on food forests here

Also check out the future of sustainable food production here


Sponsoring a tree creates greater bio diversity and more habitats for animals and insects to spin the web of life.

Reduce your footprint

Your tree will help to off-set your carbon footprint and reduce green house gasses in the atmosphere. 

Support small-holders

By sponsoring a tree you are enabling small hold farmers to convert to forest gardens creating many benefits.

Forest Gardens

Converting farms to forest gardens  strengthens food security, enhances productivity, restores & rehabilitates land.

Connect with nature by sponsoring your own tree

The trees we have up for adoption are all productive fruit trees 100% organically grown and tended. You can sponsor a tree, part own a tree or own a tree outright. You have full visiting rights both virtual and physical. 

Some of our tree profiles


A very popular fruit crop, widely eaten in many areas of the world. The plant also has a wide range of traditional medicinal uses and is the source of various commodities. The tree is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas around the world for its edible fruit


Avocado is a large, spreading, evergreen tree with an irregular, dense crown, that can vary widely in height according to variety.
The fruit is widely appreciated. The tree is also valued for the oil it yields and for its many medicinal applications.


The jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus), is a species of tree in the fig, mulberry, and breadfruit family (Moraceae).It is also called the Jack Tree or Jaktree. Its origin is in the region between the Western Ghats of southern India and the rainforests of Malaysia.


This is one of the most popular fruits of the tropics, the plant is widely cultivated in suitable climates around the world, both commercially and in gardens, for its edible fruit and also as an ornamental. The plant also has a range of local medicinal uses and supplies dyes, oil and a useful timber.


Logan is one of the better-known tropical members of the soapberry family (Sapindaceae), to which the lychee, rambutan, guarana, korlan, pitomba, guinep and ackee also belong. The fruit of the longan are similar to that of the lychee, but less aromatic in taste. It is native to tropical Asia. (wikapedia)

Star Fruit

Carambola is a small but fast growing, much-branched, evergreen tree. A multipurpose tree providing a very popular fruit as well as having a range of medicinal and other uses. It is often cultivated for its fruit, but mainly in gardens, and is generally only sold in local markets because the fruit is extremely perishable and therefore difficult to get to more distant markets

Adopt a tree

For the cost of around a coffee each month you can do good for the environment by adopting a tree. This will help create a forest garden which in turn will help us to teach this vital transformation to local farmers.

What you can achieve

Help us help the local small hold farmers by establishing Forest gardens – starting with the model we are creating at 5EyesFarm

What you get

We believe that the partnership needs to be genuine and the adopt a tree needs to be transparent and connected. We invite you to visit either in person or virtually (see below). Once you name your tree/s you will receive a photo, an updated map and every so often a newsletter with a progress photo of your tree. You will also be listed as part of the regenerative forest garden family at 5EyesFarm.

By sponsoring a tree you are taking environmental action along with social action. Your sponsorship makes a real difference. As you will see in the updates and as the story unfolds this is a wonderful investment. Please consider gifting a sponsorship to a loved one or friend or share!

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5EyesFarm Forest Garden has approximately 80 sapling fruit trees planted and starting to grow well. The plan is to create a forest garden on the whole farm. This is the last of a three-phase plan that has seen us rejuvenate and restore the soil and water, establish systems and integration and now this will culminate in a much-needed forest garden.

The whole farm will integrate this way and the cross benefits are countless. This is a perfect model for Green-Ed – and for social development in the local region.

Research shows that by combining the principles of permaculture, the methods of Natural farming and integrating the systems of the farm we can create the best of all worlds.

The adopt a tree program helps to sponsor this project so we can showcase a forest garden and inspire a rising generation with far more productive and secure use of their valuable lands.

Join us by adopting a tree/s and watching them grow, watching the story unfold and having a small part to play in the bigger story of transforming the lives of those who have so little. A little bit goes a long way so our average price for sponsorship is set to the price of a cup of coffee a month…

Gift a tree !

Consider sponsoring a tree or a few trees as a family, like adopting a living creature into the family. A Family Tree! Or maybe giving a sponsorship as a special ongoing gift.

Happy Adopters

“Our school loved naming the trees we have adopted in the partner subscription. We look forward to the updates and we are learning about organic gardening this term, inspired by the Forest Garden project. ” LMS


“What a privilege to sponsor a tree at 5EyesFarm’s Forest Garden Project. I am off-setting my carbon foot-print in the confidence of an ethical process that I can follow and literally see grow from my flat in London. ” David

“Thank you to the Forest Garden Project for our tree. We love it! We have been tracking its growth and we would like to donate the produce to the community development initiatives you are doing  ” McNeil family.

I have called my Avacado tree “Toasty” and I think it is a very sweet idea that I have been gifted a tree. Viki W.R

Visit your tree

Visit your tree/s

Please come and visit your tree/s you will be most welcome. See our visiting page for bookings.

International guests

We have accommodation and facilities for up to 10 visitors to stay with us. It is a wonderful experience. Come and visit your tree/s and learn organics. See our visiting page for more

Virtual guests

If you cannot visit us and see your tree in the flesh why not make a time to visit us virtually! See your tree and some of the farm and engage with us on WA or Messenger.

See our visiting page for options. 

Visit your tree

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Get In Touch Anytime

We are here most of the time and we are open on most days. Please view our visiting page to make a booking. We would love to see you. And if you can’t make it in person, how about a virtual visit?