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Green-Ed offers a weekend, hands-on workshop learning in nature at 5EyesFarm. We offer a range of workshops to choose from throughout the year. Suitable for 15year olds to adults.

Our Workshops

Introduction to organic gardening – overview

1 day workshop

Organic gardening is a whole world of satisfaction. Come and get your hands dirty and be inspired to make your own organic garden. 

Worm Farm & compost overview

1 day workshop

Come and learn worm farming and composting to see if it’s for you. Such a productive and simple way to manage waste and help the environment. Get an understanding of how it works and what is important to consider. 

Green building

1 day workshop with Online follow-on

using creative recycling, product choice and planning to build in environmentally friendly and sustainable ways. 

At 5EyesFarm, workshops are designed for a minimum number of people. They can range from 3/4 days to a whole weekend depending on the workshop. They include refreshments, beautiful food and accommodation depending on the workshop. For enquiries on pricing and options please contact us

Natural Farming

Natural farming harnesses nature in sustainable ways to help with processing the elements of organic farming. Making natural pest deterrents, Collecting Indigenous Micro-organisms to enhance composts, making calcium and other minerals… its a fascinating process and very effective

Permaculture design

Learning the principles of permaculture is essential to any larger scale garden establishment. Permaculture is a holistic approach to effective gardening, similar in some ways to Natural Farming but with the bigger picture in mind.

Worm Farming

Excellent for home, school or office. Creating a worm farm is both fun and very helpful. A worm farm can manage your kitchen waste and produce great compost at the same time. 

Changing Climate-Change

Ecology and bio-diversity are vital, sensitive balances contexts for life. Human progress has put an undue strain on the these environments world wide. There are so many ways to mitigate issues and create positive solutions. This is a practical how to course on healing the environment through recycling, restoring, re making and building creative solutions. 

We also offer a range of farm & food and making & recycling workshops

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