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Organic Life

“Organic gardening is not about just substituting toxic chemicals with less toxic ones, but about a whole different way of thinking and working. It is a conscious effort to cooperate with nature in the creation of health and abundance for all”.

Heide Hermary – The Essence of Organic Gardening


You can discover a whole new level of life when you start growing organic foods. At first it’s just about the seedlings, the plants growing and the wonder of it all transforming before your eyes. The more involved you get with your garden the more you see the soil, the patterns of the weather, the life of microbes and insects and sun and water all working together.


To make a good, long lasting garden takes a bit of establishing work. Once the structure is created, the process becomes creative. You have entered a new game, a new meditation, a new set of growing and reflecting that is echoed and enhanced by the very food you will eat. And soon you notice that the smell, the feel, the look and taste of organic food is so much better than anything else. You will seek it out.


For us, organic farming is more like organic life. It includes recycling, managing waste and developing complimentary systems and processes in every aspect of life. Where the water comes from and how it is used, harvested, recycled. And the other forms of energy we need too.

So, our goal of organic life is to bring health and well-being to every aspect, decision, approach and outcome we undertake. It is challenging but worthwhile and exciting seeing something different emerge – something a bit more resilient than our old consumer mindset.


At 5EyesFarm organic production extends past growing productive gardens. The aquaponics – an exciting system- is organic. The animal farm and its processes, feeds and systems are organic too. The processes of raising insects; the medicinal garden, as well as fruit and herbs, teas and spices, are all organically grown.

The 5EyesKitchen and its processes fit the approach we take to organic including all that we ferment, dry and store and seal and contain.



Our approach to gardening and farming is informed by permaculture design and principles. These are invaluable for even home gardening and there are many resources and courses available. Likewise, the Natural Farming techniques we use. These help us use what we have to make what we need. Natural farming or KNF have many resources available too. And finally, we follow the patterns provided by integrated farming whereby one thing links to and relies upon and feeds the next. Aquaponics is a good example. So is the integration of poultry and productive gardening.