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5EyesFarm Projects

Great Green Waste Challenge

We have found a way to process green waste and recycle it into compost and food for the animals through a  ferment process. Instead of burying it or burning it as so many do here we are helping to save the environment while creating fantastic food for the animals and the farm.


5EyesFarm Projects

Good Food

Natural medicine and remedies reside in the most common of plants. And we are slowly discovering the amazing benefits of good food. As well as the food we eat, the organic food from the farm, which tastes better, richer, sweeter, stronger we are learning to heal from what we eat. The good food quest is on.

5EyesFarm Projects

A Closer Look

A closer look is all about the fauna and flora with a focus on insect life, animals and indigenous life here at 5EyesFarm. Come and take a closer look with us as we develop a visual database of living science and beauty here in West Java.

5EyesFarm Projects

Organic Farming

Organic farming is more than healthy chemical free food production. It is a way of life. Not in a religious sense but in that all things are connected. The water, the soil, even the air all affect the naturalness of the growing environment. The many living things that work together to create good soil and water and air need tending, and we are learning to work in this place with these elements. Everything here is part of organic life including the recycling and

5EyesFarm Projects

Stories from The Farm

This project is a collection of stories inspired by the events, discoveries, anthropology, animals, insects and living things in and around 5Eyes Farm. Fiction, poetry and mainly short stories are threaded here. Some posts and how to’s are scattered in here too.

5EyesFarm Projects

Forest Garden

As we develop 5EyesFarm from a chemical patch into a rich organic farm, the goal is to create a forest garden (or lots of them joined together). These provide the best option for diverse food security with the least input and work. It is a model we are trying, so we can show it and then duplicate it in the local community. The trees are growing! Please join in with us on this innovation.

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Back to Nature – a short film